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Pumpkin seeds for Magnesium
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Do we need to take Magnesium supplement?

Magnesium is said to be one of the most important minerals which is essential for good health and energy level. Even though all the minerals and vitamins we have in our body are important, some

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Purify kit - BIOME
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Introducing Elite Health by Synergy Worldwide

Summit 2016 attendees had the special privilege of ordering the limited-time-offer Purify Kit in Vienna! This kit is similar to the official Purify Kit that will be launched throughout Europe in the future as part

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The way you start your morning impacts the quality of your day. If you start out feeling stressed and anxious rather than rejuvenated, it may be a sign that you need to update your morning

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cholesterol meter
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How Nitric oxide levels change by age?

ProArgi-9+ is the purest source of L-Arginine on the market and it helps to promote nitric oxide production of our body. Nitric Oxide influences the functioning of virtually every bodily organ

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How to lose at least 10% of body weight in 90 days and stay healthy?

If you want to lose a visible amount of weight to look perfect for your next birthday, Christmas or social occasion, you had better make a good plan. In order to achieve your goal, a

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Revitalise with Synergy V3

It’s not uncommon, certainly on a Monday morning, to find many of us yearning for the fun, energy and excitement of the weekend to continue throughout the week. It’s at this point that the duvet

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How to Improve Your Health, Happiness and Harmony

In recent years, there has been a tremendous shift towards achieving optimum health for the mind, body and spirit. Personal stories and industry blogs suggest the importance of looking after ourselves and offer tips on

Harmony stones
Running female athlete
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Boost Your Body’s Overall Performance

As the Olympic season begins, over the next couple of weeks, we can expect to see athletes from all over the world compete for titles in a host of sports including running, swimming and cycling.

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Eric Poland – Synergy 90 Day Challenge Winner

  Synergy Worldwide personally visited Eric Poland – after he won the 90 day SLMsmart challenge – and learned about his journey. Eric’s success sets a great example for many as this was not his first attempt

Eric Poland - 90 day weight loss before after image - lost 40 pounds