Do we need to take Magnesium supplement?

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Do we need to take Magnesium supplement?

Magnesium is said to be one of the most important minerals which is essential for good health and energy level. Even though all the minerals and vitamins we have in our body are important, some have a bigger role. Magnesium is one of these. However, 80 percent of the adults do not take enough Magnesium which can lead to severe health problems. So you might consider taking Magnesium supplements regularly along with a Magnesium-rich diet. Especially if you feel exhausted, suffer from stress or having aching limbs. To make things worse, alcohol, sugar and diets high in protein, fats and Calcium can also impair Magnesium absorption.

If you  belong to – at least – one of the following groups, take Magnesium supplement on a daily basis:

Running man - importance of magnesiumSportsman / sportswoman

Do you feel sore after workouts?
Do you have difficulties with sleeping?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above or have similar problems, consider taking Magnesium supplement. It is needed in more than 325  enzymatic reactions including muscular relaxation and contractions, bone metabolism and cardiac activity. It is also inevitable in anaerobic and aerobic energy production. A study proved that low Magnesium level can cause significant inflammation. Taking enough Magnesium even with a conscious diet is difficult. So for sportsmen and sportswomen it can be particularly important to add Body Prime to their daily routine. As a result your strength can peak from the enzymes that are responsible for muscle protein synthesis; you can have more balanced hormones and as such be more effective.


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pregnancy magnesium supplementPregnant

Would you like to reserve your own minerals while being pregnant?
Would you like to prevent early contractions?

Once you get pregnant, you have to be extra cautious to take all the necessary minerals for both of you. Nature is clever! So if you do not take enough vitamins and minerals, it will deplete from your reserves to nourish your baby. If you are pregnant, this mineral is very important for both of you and your baby’s health. If you take Magnesium together with Calcium, it can help your muscles relax. While Calcium makes them to contract so it can be a good option to prevent early contractions. According to WHO, 34-58% of pregnant women do not take enough Magnesium during pregnancy.

In addition, Magnesium can reduce prenatal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia, and increase birth weight.



 White-collar workerBusy office worker

Too much stress at work?
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Do you often feel exhausted?

The benefits include protection from illnesses, especially those connected with stress and ageing, for instance osteoporosis and hypertension. It helps to maintain balance in your body, and work well under pressure and stress. Furthermore, it may improve your sleep and lessen neurological disorders such as anxiety and depression. Stressful lifestyle demands more Magnesium every day, so deficiency can occur sooner and easier as well. Drinking caffeinated drinks is just another factor which requires even more of this important mineral.


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middle aged womanMenopause

Do you want to ease your menopausal symptoms?
Are you suffering from hot flashes?
Concerned about osteoporosis?

Magnesium is not only crucial for your organs but also for your bones and teeth, enzymes and energy level. Restoring your stores daily can keep you fit, healthy and may help you ease your menopausal symptoms. Magnesium can also strengthen your bones by improving bone mineral density. So it is a good way to prevent osteoporosis which is a very common problem in menopause and post-menopause. Also, Magnesium can help you sleep deeper, better and less interrupted.
Body Prime can help you get rid of hot flashes, irritability, night sweats, depression and even leg cramps.



drinking habits may affect magnesium absorption Regular drinker

Do you regularly drink alcohol, caffeine or other carbonated beverages?

Carbonated beverages contain phosphates which bind with Magnesium during digestion. As a result, there will be less available for its other functions in your body.

Your kidneys have a huge part in controlling your body’s Magnesium level. Drinking caffeine or caffeinated beverages may mislead your kidneys and make them release much more minerals than needed. Without additional intake it ends up in Magnesium deficiency. 



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magnesium deficiency may worsen obesityOverweight

Do you want to lose weight?
Have you tried to lose weight without (much) success?
Do you have problem with digestion?

As mentioned above as well, Magnesium can help you have better digestion and absorption. It utilises proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Magnesium is inevitable to prevent insulin resistance and diabetes. It helps insulin to open cell membranes for glucose which would then provide you the energy you need. Without Magnesium this interaction may not happen. Both your insulin and glucose level can elevate which brings you closer first to insulin resistance and then to diabetes. At the same time, this elevated glucose turns into fat to be stored and gives you extra pounds.

Craving for food can be a sign of lacking minerals and vitamins. Due to processed food’s low nutritional value you keep eating empty calories without actually nourishing yourself.

Do we need to take Magnesium supplement?

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