Body Prime

Body Prime is a great Magnesium supplement choice to prepare your body for your next diet. Taking enough magnesium is necessary for normal energy metabolism and electrolyte balance. In addition, it can also help you overcome fatigue as well as improve cardiovascular health.

BENEFITSBody Prime Magnesium supplement

  • prepares your body for any health regimen
  • Contributes to:
    • normal energy metabolism and valuable electrolyte balance. These factors are perfect primers for your system to initiate your next health program.
    • healthy electrolyte balance
    • natural energy metabolism
    • muscle function including heart muscle
    • normal muscle contraction such as normal heartbeat
  • can reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • non-GMO



  • 400 mg powerful, essential macro-mineral Magnesium
  • priming effect shown in clinical settings to induce mild bowel motility
  • to maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes
  • important micronutrient in the reduction of fatigue
  • positive cardiovascular benefit

Apple, Prune Blend

  • Prune powder and apple pectin work synergistically to kick-start any health regimen.
  • Together with magnesium oxide, these familiar fruit sources have been recommended for use in clinical settings to induce bowel motility, which leads to a variety of benefits.
  • Approved for daily use.

Recommended use:

  • Take 2 capsules once per day.
Body Prime

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Body Prime Fact sheet
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Magnesium is said to be one of the most important minerals which is essential for good health and energy level. Even though all the minerals and vitamins we have in our body are important, some
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