How Nitric oxide levels change by age?

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How Nitric oxide levels change by age?

ProArgi-9+ is the purest source of L-Arginine on the market and it helps to promote nitric oxide production of our body.

This molecule can influence the functioning of virtually every bodily organ, including the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, genitals and of course the heart.

It performs its role as a vasodilator, assisting the blood flow to every part of the body.


We know that nitric oxide production transforms the quality of our health. But how our arteries could potentially look like without it?

Studies show that nitric oxide production in a human body decreases significantly over a 50-year time span. Decreasing production can ultimately be detrimental to our health.

Up until our 20’s we have a 100% production. However, once we reach our 30’s our production level starts to decline gradually. As a result, more and more plaque build up and inflammation will appear. The more we age the more we become inefficient to produce this molecule. Our arteries will get stiffer and narrower due to the plaque buildup. This increases the risk of clot and heart attack exponentially.

Pro-Argi-9+ helps to restore our Nitric Oxide production level significantly and it can positively influence your biological age.

To better visualise what happens to the body as nitric oxide production diminishes, Synergy Worldwide created an infographic to illustrate its impact.




Download this info graphic here!



Source: Synergy Worldwide Blog 

How Nitric oxide levels change by age?

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