How to lose at least 10% of body weight in 90 days and stay healthy?

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How to lose at least 10% of body weight in 90 days and stay healthy?

If you want to lose a visible amount of weight to look perfect for your next birthday, Christmas or social occasion, you had better make a good plan. In order to achieve your goal, a low-calorie diet is important. Your food also needs to be nutrient-rich and some rewarding physical activity is necessary as well. To lose 10% of your body weight in 3 months will not only make you happier but also healthier and fitter.

Set Your Weight-Loss Goal

According to WHO losing up to 2 pounds per week is healthy. Check your BMI and decide how many pounds you really need to lose. Too much weight loss in a short time is not good for your body and it will come back easily after your diet. If you set too high goals they might make you frustrated and discouraged. You can write your goals on a paper and put them on a visible place to remind you from time to time. Check your weight or take a photo before you start, so that it can strengthen you on more difficult days.


Calorie goals

Eating enough calories is essential in all diets. Women have to take at least 1200 and men 1800 calories a day otherwise your body behaves as in starvation and you start losing from your muscle mass. A traditional English breakfast contains 807 calories, 63g fat, 18g saturated fat and 4.52g salt. For instance, taking two tuna sandwiches and a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast will surely make you full for about two hours on the cost of 924 calories at least. Being on a diet of 1200 calories a day, it would be quite difficult to divide the rest of the calories for all the other meals. However, there are other alternatives how you can easily manage your calorie intake. One good option is Synergy SLMsmart™ Health Shake which offers nutrientrich, smart calories that instantly fuel your body and keep it running at high efficiency for up to four hours. Replacing one or two meals a day with this delicious drink can reduce your calories since it only has 260 calories per serving. In addition, the Health Shake has little-to-no glycemic effect (raising blood sugar) after consumption so you will not be hungry soon afterwards. On the contrary, your blood sugar levels can skyrocket from a traditional breakfast causing possible health problems such as insulin-resistance and diabetes on the long run. Making notes on your daily calorie intake can also prevent losing your muscles.

High-quality protein

Make sure your food is nutrient-rich and has smart calories. Include high-quality protein from different sources (e.g. whey, casein and soy) in your meal. They provide time-released blasts of protein for your muscles and metabolism to benefit from throughout the day. Additionally, a balanced array of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats keep you energized. The unique blend of proteins in Health Shake (whey, casein, and soy) release amino acids sequentially into the blood. This balanced meal with different types of protein can keep you full for up to four hours.

The amino acids from whey protein appear in the blood almost immediately after consumption. Those from soy protein are next, as soy protein has been shown to be a “medium-release” facilitating longer term distribution of the amino acids. The amino acids from casein appear last.

Eat whole grain food once or twice daily to get all the necessary nutrients. Avoid processed food and do not forget about raw vegetables and fruits.


Time-released carbohydrates and fats

Carbohydrates and fats have to be carefully chosen to your diet so that they can be released at different time intervals. For carbohydrates, both slower-releasing and fastreleasing energy are essential. For fat, some can come as fast releasing energy from medium-chain triglycerides and some as slow-releasing energy from sunflower and canola oil. The healthy carbohydrates and fat found in Synergy SLMsmart Health Shake have been specifically added and formulated to allow energy to be released at different time intervals to make you feel satisfied until the next meal.

Be Sporty

The more sport you do, the greater amount of weight you lose by burning calories. Exercise is essential while on diet to prevent your body from losing muscle. According to WHO you should do at least 20-30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every day, or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity throughout the week, or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity. Regular and adequate levels of physical activity are fundamental to energy balance and weight control.

If you are not very much into sports you can start with some physical activity such as walking, cycling to and from work and recreational activities.

How to lose at least 10% of body weight in 90 days and stay healthy?

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