Synergy Purify Kit

Synergy’s one-week Purify Kit was created of patented products clinically tested to balance your body’s microbiome and fuel with good health. Synergy’s Purify Kit is a unique product with its purpose built focus on your body’s good bacteria balance.

For decades, nutritional supplements targeted special issues and parts of the entire body system.  However, these solutions have not been able to deliver long term results. Focusing only on one issue creates new problems.

Now scientists uncovered a fascinating inner-ecosystem in our body which they call microbiome. This consist of a complex network of bacteria, fungi and microflora. These are the fundamental building blocks to our overall health and their lack of balance could result in serious illnesses on the long term.

Synergy’s Purify Kit was created to ultimately address this issue and focus on our entire body’s ecosystem.


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Key ingredients:
zinc, glutamine, psyllium, plant extracts, powders and seeds

Recommended use:
Mix 1 scoop into 8 oz. (240 ml) of water. Drink 1 serving 2 times per day.

Biome DT box with sachet


Key ingredients:
high in vegetable protein with essential vitamins and minerals

Recommended use:
Consume one serving twice daily. Mix 2 scoops of Biome Shake powder with approximately 12–16 oz. (350-470 ml) of water.

BioME Shake


Key ingredients:
an innovative formula with inulin and Bacillus coagulans (a lactic-acid producing species)

Recommended use:
Take 3 capsules daily. May be taken with a meal or alone.


Key ingredients:
Body Prime contains a unique blend of Magnesium, prune powder and apple pectin. Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance

Recommended use:
Take 2 capsules once per day. Taking more than 2 may cause a laxative effect.

Body Prime with capsules


Key ingredients:
ProArgi-9+ is a proprietary formula with l-arginine, l-citrulline and five essential vitamins for enhanced overall performance.

Recommended use:
Mix 1 sachet into 240 ml of water. Take 2 servings per day.

Proargi 9+


  • Recent scientific discoveries have uncovered a fascinating ecosystem within each of us called the microbiome. This complex network of bacteria, fungi, and microflora reside primarily in the gut and impact the health of virtually every system in the human body.
  • It accounts for 90% of the cells that create you and affects your brain function, mood, immune system, and gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Three-fourths of the microbiome lives in your intestines, which is why Synergy products are designed to target the gut microbiome.


  • The microbiome suffers due to toxic environments, nutrient-stripped foods, and a stressful, sedentary lifestyle.
  • The Purify Kit includes a one-week supply of clinically formulated nutrition for the microbiome.

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Purify Kit