Spiritual healing services


Lorraine uses her connection to spirit to uncover and resolve past and present issues; intuitively uncovering blocks and barriers that you may be aware or not.

She works on the presenting problem but will then quickly gain a deep understanding of the full issues that lie beneath. You will be sure to come away with a complete new outlook on life, the situation, and have the full potential to your life.

Is it time to renew your connection to your spiritual self?

Book now and feel the benefits and be uplifted and connected to who you really are and fully connect to your spiritual guidance system.


A consultation is an intuitive journey into uncovering the past that is still affecting you today, identifying beliefs and blocks that may be preventing you moving forward.

It’s an insightful journey into your past and the negative emotions you still carry even if you are unaware they are still affecting you today.

Physical or Emotional issues can be dealt with.

Using simple muscle testing to give you the confirmation that these issues are still active in your sub-conscious, and then just letting them go to our own higher source.

Lorraine is an intuitive consultant able to tune into your body and uncover what is ready to be released, leaving you feeling lighter and refreshed, with a new set of feelings, goals and beliefs to enhance your life.

One to one client sessions 

  1. Intuitive reading and healing session: recommended 1 hour (using a combination of techniques to provide an intuitive healing session on any physical or emotional problems)
  1. Turn back time Health assessment, recommended 30-minute consultation – provides full health report and recommendations
  1. Combination Turn back time assessment, as above with 30-minute intuitive reading and healing session, includes health report
  1. Reiki session or combination Reiki and Theta


1-hour consultation£70
30-min consultation£35

One Day Workshops  

Reduce Your Weight (includes a manual and Download DVD)£50
Heal Now (includes a manual and Download DVD)£50
Manifesting & Abundance (includes a manual and Download DVD)£50


Theta healing 3-day basic Course£395
Theta healing 3-day advanced Course£395
Theta healing Rainbow Children 3 – 5 days£295
Theta healing Soul Mate Course 1-2 days£125 / £225
Theta healing Manifesting and Abundance 2-day£225
Digging course£95

How long does a session last?

We recommend sessions of one hour. This allows time to get to underlying issues and without overtaxing the body. A further session can be booked if there are still issues to be addressed.

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