Mission Statement

Bringing Health, Vitality and Opportunity

Our mission is to bring Natural Nutrition and Natural Therapies to promote your well-being and life longevity; and by enhancing our recovery from illness to compliment the Medical world. We deliver Pure Potent Natural Nutrition and holistic services to promote continuous health and vitality, combat ill health and support recovery. In Partnership with Synergy Worldwide who helps people find the answers to two of the biggest problems in society – health and financial stability with the business opportunity that is available through Synergy Worldwide which promotes - Elite Health and Elite Wealth.
Our Story

Lorraine's Story

I was introduced to Synergy by a friend aged 49yrs, once I heard about the company and products I was eager to join for the 100% natural products and the possibilities of renewed health and vitality.
I had become so lethargic and slow due to many surgeries, including double mastectomy with reconstruction, Ovaries removed and hysterectomy which left me with 6 weeks of infections and my body becoming so weak.
After using Pro-Argi myself I noticed that my energy levels are renewed after only a few weeks. I felt like my vitality coming back.
My ongoing achy leg syndrome which would have me up running around the house at nights to reduce the aching, had just disappeared, my sleep pattern improved and I felt like a new woman, and I am now able to run around with the grandchildren and great nieces and nephews once again!
Testing my Arterial age at 43.

Weight Loss & Heart problems

My husband used the SLMsmart Weight management program and reduced by a Stone in weight without too much effort, just replaced two of his meals. Losing a healthy 2lb per week and he felt full. He would have a healthy snack if he felt like eating solid food, and then a normal evening meal, without changing his favourite foods or drinking habits.

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